Vol. 39, No. 4
Table of Contents
  Filmmakers Turn Focus on Haiti at Santa Barbara Film Festival By Emily Einolander ’09
  Marine Science Teaching Facility to be Built on UCSB Campus By Gail Gallesich, UCSB Public Affairs
  To the Point: Q and A with the Fantom of the Thunderdome
  Alumni Perspective: Playing at Predictors By Maya Rupert ’03
  UCSB Alumni Association 2009 Annual Meeting Notice
  Sports Roundup:
Women’s Basketball Wins Big West
  Research Roundup:
Program Maps Out Marine Protected Areas
  Around Storke Tower:
News & Notes From the Campus
  Alumni Authors:
Music, Evolution and Tragedy
’40s to the Present
  David Potter ‘01, and Blair Fox, both winemakers at Fess Parker Winery, walk through Rodney’s Vineyard in Santa Barbara County. Potter draws on his experiences with winemaking in California, Australia, and France when producing wine under his own label, Municipal Winemakers.

Cover photo by Rob Brown / Winescapes Photography


To the Point: Q and A with the Fantom of the Thunderdome

The Fantom of the ’Dome has vanished. Wanting to ask UC Santa Barbara’s former mascot a few questions, we began our search for the alumnus luminary several weeks ago. But after an excavation under the Thunderdome bleachers and a thorough inspection of Storke Tower, we realized this would prove no simple task. He was not checking his Facebook at Davidson Library or checking himself out in the MAC. He could not be found in line for Subway at the Arbor. Several Floatopia attendees allegedly saw a man in denim shorts and bike gloves leading cheers, but the lack of documented photographs has prevented our confirmation of his participation in the event. Our team of Fantom experts is currently working around the clock to uncover the location of his underground lair. Check back soon for an interview with the man, the legend, the Fantom.