Vol. 39, No. 3
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Column: Eye on Isla Vista
By Emily Einolander
  UC Santa Barbara Keeping Focus on Students During Economic Downturn By Rob Kuznia
  Transforming the Alumni Association Web Site into a Gateway By Andrea Huebner '91
  Gear Up for the 2009 All Gaucho Reunion in April
  Alumni Association Awards to Honor Gauchos Giving Back
  UCSB Alumni Association Annual Report 2007-2008
  Editor’s Note:
Defining Success for the New President
  Research Roundup:
Scholar Examines Global Trade of TV Shows
  Around Storke Tower:
News & Notes From the Campus
  Sports Roundup:
’78 and ’79 Cross Country Teams Honored
  Alumni Authors:
Food, Drink and Politics
’50s to the Present
  Julie Ramos ’03 is one of the voices behind KTYD’s The Morning Show in Santa Barbara.

Cover photo by Alexandria Cooper

Online Ambitions
Alumni Association to Expand Web Site With Social Networking and More
By Andrea Huebner ’91

Remember when just walking onto campus served as a gateway to all kinds of opportunities — running into friends, finding job openings, planning a study group or discovering the drop deadline is — yikes! — tomorrow.

The UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association wants to be that gateway to graduates now that they have left the campus, and put services and information at their fingertips through our Web site,

This effort evolved so we could better serve a diverse and widespread alumni population. We want to give alumni the ability to take advantage of our services wherever they are, especially if they don’t live near the campus or a UC Santa Barbara alumni chapter.
In addition, we recognize, with so much offered at UC Santa Barbara, each alumnus or alumna developed very different interests and affiliations with campus groups and people. Updated features will allow alumni to customize the information they receive or groups they interact with on the system.

Over the next several months, alumni will see a steady stream of changes to the Web site as we put new tools in place.

As of now, alumni can strengthen connections by looking up lost college friends, find out about UC Santa Barbara events in California and nationally or just chat online with fellow alums. Want to brag to the UC Santa Barbara community? Post Class Notes, create a photo gallery or link to your MySpace, FaceBook and LinkedIn profiles. And don’t forget to register for events, including the 2009 All Gaucho Reunion.
In upcoming months, alumni will be able to create a blog to get a viewpoint out there, or renew Alumni Association membership online. Alumni will also be able to take care of business by checking out or posting jobs, and even have a chance to become a mentor to other alumni.
After touching base with college buddies,alumni will be able to invite them to stay connected through an online group area for, say, the Intramural Rugby Team or the ’89 Daily Nexus staff.

Our updated site will also serve as a one-stop shop for news on UC Santa Barbara and its alumni, as well as Coastlines magazine online. Alumni won’t have to search five or six different sites to see what is happening on campus.

We are sensitive to user concerns about security. Our online community is limited to UC Santa Barbara grads, so alumni information is not available to the general public. In addition, alumni can limit the information that even the UC Santa Barbara community sees.
The first step to accessing these new features is creating a profile at www. E-mail Sharis Boghossian at with your first and last names and graduation year to get an ID number, which you will use on your first-time login. After that, you’re free to build your profile.

We’ll see you online!

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