Alumni Authors  Fall 2010

Hearts Beating for Liberty: Women Abolitionists in the Old Northwest
Stacey M. Robertson M.A. ’89, Ph.D. ’94
University of North Carolina Press


Challenging traditional histories of abolition, this book shifts the focus away from the East to show how the women of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin helped build a vibrant antislavery movement in the Old Northwest. Stacey Robertson argues that the environment of the Old Northwest -- with its own complicated history of slavery and racism -- created a uniquely collaborative and flexible approach to abolitionism. Western women helped build this local focus through their unusual and occasionally transgressive activities. They plunged into Liberty Party politics, vociferously supported a Quaker-led boycott of slave goods, and tirelessly aided fugitives and free blacks in their communities. Western women worked closely with male abolitionists, belying the notion of separate spheres that characterized abolitionism in the East. The contested history of race relations in the West also affected the development of abolitionism in the region, necessitating a pragmatic bent in their activities. Female antislavery societies focused on eliminating racist laws, aiding fugitive slaves, and building and sustaining schools for blacks. This approach required that abolitionists of all stripes work together, and women proved especially adept at such cooperation.

Apocalyptic AI: Visions of Heaven in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics
Robert M Geraci Ph.D. ’05
Oxford University Press


Robert Geraci explores artificial intelligence and the hope that we might one day upload our minds into machines or cyberspace and live forever. In Apocalyptic AI, Geraci offers a serious account of this "cyber-theology" and the people who promote it. Drawing on interviews with roboticists and AI researchers and with devotees of the online game Second Life, among others, Geraci illuminates the ideas of such advocates of Apocalyptic AI as Hans Moravec and Ray Kurzweil. He reveals that the rhetoric of Apocalyptic AI is strikingly similar to that of the apocalyptic traditions of Judaism and Christianity. Equally important, Geraci shows how this worldview shapes our culture. In this volume, he shines a light on this belief system, revealing what it is and how it is changing society.

Mourning Glory
Matt Terzian ’ 92 AuthorHouse

All of us have a place in our hearts that symbolizes a time of innocence. Eventually this innocence is lost. Whether it slowly disappeared or was suddenly taken, it is forever mourned. For Brett Donovan, most of his best times were spent with his mother and father up at Glory Lake, high in the Sierras. His life was pure and simple and seemed like it would stay that way forever. In a brief moment, Brett’s world came crashing down upon him. Not even a teenager, he was thrown to the wolves, eventually becoming a wolf, himself, losing not only his innocence, but also his humanity. Forced to return to Glory Lake two decades later, Brett’s life is set on a collision course of epic proportions. Brett fights to sequester the memories of his past, but there is no way to hide them from the light. As they rear themselves one at a time, Brett must find a way to survive the fiery battle that ensues.

Froggy Boots Go With Everything
Jill Zabkar Martin ’90
JZM Media

"Froggy Boots Go With Everything" is a sturdy board book that celebrates a boy’s inseparable love for his froggy boots. Simple phrases and colorful illustrations follow the boy through many activities in which his froggy boots become the prop that drives his imaginative play. The boy is accompanied by a little frog who always finds his way into the scene. Adults will recognize activities from their own homes or get new ideas for playtime fun while reliving some favorite childhood memories with nostalgic appreciati on. An easy "Can you find?" game at the end brings children back again and again while teaching important recognition skills.

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