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Women in Science

Nobel Prize-winner Carol Greider,
Unravels DNA Mysteries

Greider's telomerase discovery
plays a critical role in aging,
cell death and cancer research

By Andrea Huebner '91


Women in Science --
Belcher Finds Better Way
to Split Water Molecules

Technological discovery will improve efficiency of solar energy

Women in Science --
Widder Goes to All Depths
for Marine Conservation

Her invention, Kilroy, allows monitoring of ocean water quality

Governor Jerry Brown's Budget Slashes $500 million From UC Campuses

Tuition revenue will surpass
state contributions for first time

A UC Commission Looks at the University System's Formula for the Future

Proposals will change the shape of UC Santa Barbara


Around Storke Tower

MESA on Top in Academic Preparation Programs

This is the second year in a row the program has been recognized ...read more

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Methane Gas at Near-Normal Levels in Gulf

A team documents the changing conditions of the Gulf of Mexico ...read more

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Letters to the Editor

Bank Burning Issue Heats Up Discussion

Several alumni write in on their experiences during 1970 at UC Santa Barbara ... read more

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UC Santa Barbara Misses Bid for College Cup

Cal defeated Gauchos in Soccer Championship Second Round ...read more ...

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’81 Alum Dave Kaplan’s , Surfdog Records Company has developed into an entertainment empire operating a myriad of associated businesses....read more ...Alumna Kirsten Deshler, '87 is now the director of governmental relations at UCSB, following a long career of government work and community service. ...read more ...

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UCSB Communications Scholar Examines Dysfunctional Feedback in Organizations When workplace routines waste resources

UC Ramps up Services for Veterans UC Santa Barbara looks at veterans' special housing needs

A Nonprofit and a UCSB Institute Spread Light to Children Lack of lighting linked to illiteracy, poverty and health problems