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UCSB Commencement Turns Out Almost 6,000 New Gaucho Alumni

commmencement 2012

A total of 5,958 graduating students took part in eight official commencement ceremonies scheduled at UC Santa Barbara over eight days, starting June 10 and concluding June 17. The campus's commencement exercises attracted some 40,000 visitors to the Santa Barbara area.

"One of the happiest and proudest moments for our campus community each year is when we come together to say ‘congratulations' to our graduating students," said Chancellor Henry T. Yang. "We applaud our students' dedication and accomplishments, and we take great joy in celebrating this commencement milestone with our 5,958 graduates.”

For the first time, graduation ceremonies were webcast, allowing all family members and friends around the world to join the celebrations.

New Book by UCSB Global and International Studies Scholar Examines the Politics of Headscarves

Few articles of clothing have as much significance –– or obvious meaning –– as do the headscarves worn by Muslim women around the world. A headscarf is an outward symbol of a woman's inward devotion to her religion or culture, and one she cannot hide or even minimize. Depending on where she lives, however, her headscarf –– or lack thereof –– can also serve as a shackle.

campaign for ucsb

In her new book, "The Headscarf Controversy: Secularism and Freedom of Religion," Hilal Elver, a research professor in the Department of Global & International Studies at UC Santa Barbara, takes an in-depth look at the growing controversy over the right of Muslim women to wear headscarves in public places. Examining legal and political debates in Turkey, the United States, and France and Germany, among other European countries, Elver shows the troubling exclusion of pious Muslim women from the public sphere in the name of secularism, democracy, liberalism, and women's rights.

"For many women, the headscarf is a way of getting out of their homes to go to school or work," Elver said. "It gives them more freedom because it makes their families much more comfortable. But take away the headscarf, and you take away their freedom. Some women will be restricted by their religious belief; others will be restricted by their husbands or fathers. In either case, they'll be imprisoned in their houses.".

Examining the headscarf controversy from the perspective of critical legal theory, Elver argues that law can be used to change underlying social conditions that shape the role of religion, and also the position of women in modern society. "The Headscarf Controversy" demonstrates how changes in law across nations can be used to restore state commitments to human rights.

UCSB Collaborates With Goleta and Chamber of Commerce on GEM


In an effort to strengthen the local economy and support new and growing technology entrepreneurs, UC Santa Barbara, the city of Goleta, and the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce have launched the Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet..

The vision of GEM is to be recognized as a world-class regional center of excellence for entrepreneurial technology development and growth. The Goleta Valley has a rich history of creating a climate where start-up companies can thrive. One of GEM’s goals is to further strengthen and sustain the economic vitality of the area through job creation and retention.

The partners have already spent 18 months of research, focus groups and strategic planning to develop the collaboration. GEM will see the creation of a website and new programs beginning in the fall.

Foundation Kicks Off the Campaign for UC Santa Barbara

campaign for ucsb

The UC Santa Barbara Foundation launched the Campaign for UC Santa Barbara at a gala event in Bren Hall on May 12. The campaign is a multi-year effort to raise $1 billion or more in private support from individual donors, foundations, and corporations.

“We are sincerely grateful for the tremendous generosity and support that have brought us this far, and we are proud of the progress we have made together,” Chancellor Henry T. Yang said

The campaign is two-thirds of the way to its goal, having raised a total of $723 million. In the last year, UC Santa Barbara has raised more than $100 million, making it the most successful fundraising year for the campus.

Michael Douglas ’68 is serving as the honorary chair of the campaign. In a videotaped message played at the kickoff event to mark the start of the campaign's public phase, he talked about the campus that he holds dear, and his role in the campaign. He recently gave $500,000 to establish an endowed chair for the Dean of Humanitites and Fine Arts in the College of Letters and Science.

— From UC Santa Barbara Office of Public Affairs and staff reports