New Funds to Accelerate Alumni Association Scholarship Program
UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association Named Scholarship Program Increases Impact on Student Scholarship Need

The UC Santa Barbara Alumni Named Scholarship Program has been officially launched with the first investment coming from Wendy Purcell ’84 and Ken Wilton. The named scholarship fund program builds off of the highly successful general Alumni Association Scholarship Fund, which has attracted thousands of donors.

With the kickoff of the Named Scholarship Program, the Alumni Association has provided another way to reach the $3 million fundraising goal for Alumni Scholarships, set by the Alumni Association Board of Directors, and to make a true impact on the current need for scholarship support. A minimum $50,000 investment is required to create a named scholarship fund, with a pledge period of up to five years. Each Named Scholarship Fund will be a separate fund under the Alumni Association Scholarship umbrella. Donors are able to provide additional criteria to the scholarship selection in addition to the requirement of financial need. The scholarship recipient is then selected by the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office and matched to the individual donors.

“Why the $50,000 Gift?   It's simple — when I attended UC Santa Barbara in the early 1980s, tuition was low but we still had to rely on student loans and summer jobs to get by. With the recent tuition hikes and rapidly diminishing state investment in education, students in the UC system have it harder than any of us did back in the day. Ken and I decided that our scholarship would help make a difference to those kids like us, helping them bridge the ever-widening financial gap when they most needed it. And, it's not just a ‘gift’ to a good student; it ultimately is an investment in California's future success.”
— Wendy Purcell ’84 and Ken Wilton

For more information on the UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association Named Scholarship Program, contact John Lofthus, Associate Director of the Alumni Association at or (805) 893-8416.