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About the class gift
The mission of the 2013 Senior Class Gift Campaign is to promote a philanthropic culture on campus by giving students the opportunity to leave a legacy and provide for future fellow gauchos..

This year the Senior Class Gift will go to the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund and other undergraduate student scholarships.

History of the class gift
Since the early 1990s, UC Santa Barbara’s graduating class has raised money in support of special campus projects or student financial needs. Past gifts have included funds for the AS Food Bank, renovations to the Recreation Center, as well as various scholarship funds.
Last year, our student body raised $73, 000 in pledges for both the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund (AASF) and the Rec Sports Legacy Fund. The AASF awarded ten $2, 000 scholarships to outstanding UCSB students in financial need, and the Rec Sports Legacy Fund provided financial backing for intramural sports and other student-based programs.

Make a 2013 gift
If you would like to make a contribution to the Senior Class Gift now, you may do so by contacting Justine Pointer at justine.pointer@ia.ucsb.edu.

No amount is too small – any size gift is appreciated. However, we do recommend giving our year – pledge $20.13 to the Senior Class Gift!

Why should I give to the Senior Class Gift?
Pay it forward. By supporting the Senior Class Gift, you are providing future students the opportunity to get the same great education and experience you have.

Why does my participation matter?
The amount of your contribution does not matter – rather, our goal is to express how important the act of giving is. We are building a culture of philanthropy and we aspire for total student involvement, even if it means $5 per person!

What should I give?
Please pledge or give any amount of your choosing. Many have decided it’s appropriate to give your year- $20.13!

What’s our goal?
The Class of 2013’s goal is to reach $100, 000 in pledges!

How can I make a gift?
You may make a contribution here online or please attend one of our many free events on campus where we will have plenty of opportunities for giving! You may also stop by the Mosher Alumni House on campus or contact our senior class gift co-chairs: Justine Pointer or Casey McCulloh

How can I get involved with the Senior Class Gift?
If you would like to join our team, the UCSB First Committee is the perfect place for you. We host weekly meetings and plan the entire year long campaign of events. And we have fun! For more info on the committee, please contact:
Justine Pointer
Philanthropy Coordinator
Justine Pointer@ia.ucsb.edu


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