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Graduation Day Patio Party Where: Faculty Club Patio (Adjacent to the lagoon lawn where graduation takes place.)

When: Saturday, June 15 at 9:00am, 1:00pm, and 4:00pm
Sunday, June 16 at 9:00am and 1:00pm
A patio party is held for each ceremony.
Each graduation ceremony lasts approximately 2 hours.

The Setup: The patio area will be set up with tables, chairs, umbrellas, and space for wheelchairs. The umbrellas provide great shade if it is a hot and sunny day, or cover from potential rain. The comfortable shade and seating is great for families with elderly members. Bathrooms are located inside the Faculty Club and are available exclusively for event guests. The patio has wheelchair access with ramps.

The View: Graduates are seated in the middle on the lagoon lawn facing the stage, and on either side of them is general seating. At the Faculty Club patio, you will have a slightly elevated view of the stage and seated graduates. The patio is located behind general seating on the graduation lawn. Seating at the patio area will be farther back from general seating, but guests are allowed to go to the lawn at anytime to get a better view of their student walking across the stage. The patio area is surrounded by a glass partition, so patio guests will be looking through the glass while seated.

Seating: Seating is first come, first serve. We allow a maximum of 6 guests per family (not including the graduate) at the patio party. We strongly discourage saving seats, as all patio guests are entitled to choose seating wherever they please upon entry. There will be no assigned seating at the patio party so your family can select an area or table at which to sit.

Tickets & Guests: No tickets are required to attend the patio party or graduation. We allow a maximum of 6 guests per family (not including the graduate) at the patio party. If you bring more than six guests, extra guests will have to sit in general seating on the lawn.

When to Arrive: Multiple patio parties are held throughout the day for each ceremony, so if your family arrives too early, the preceding reception will still be in progress. We recommend your family arrives 15-20 minutes before your scheduled patio party. However, time is needed in between each patio party for clean-up and set-up, so early arrivers will be required to wait outside the patio entrance gate in a line until the area is ready. If you arrive after your schedule patio party has begun, you may still check-in to the event.

Parking: Upon arriving to campus, parking guides and street signs will direct you where to park. Wherever you end up parking on campus, trolleys will shuttle you to the graduation ceremony site. Handicapped parking is available on campus, so if you have a family member who is handicapped, elderly, or has difficulty walking, ask the parking attendants for directions to accessible parking. Inquire at the Commencement Information Tent by the upper entrance to the Faculty Club for help with wheelchair access.

Handicapped Guests: The University offers wheelchair transport for guests who are handicapped or have difficulty walking. The patio area has wheelchair access and ramps so your handicapped family members can easily enter and exit. Guests using wheelchairs, or for whom a long walk is difficult, should ask the parking attendants for directions to accessible parking. Inquire at the Commencement Information Tent by the upper entrance to the Faculty Club for help with wheelchair access.

Check-In: Check-in is at the gated entrance to the patio area at the Faculty Club by the lawn. There will be a check-in table inside the patio area for guests, and guests will receive their wristbands for entry on site. You must wear your wristband in order to come and go into the patio area. We will be checking off family members by the graduate’s last name.

Food: Light snacks and beverages will be provided (mini muffins in the morning and cookies in the afternoon, with drinks including coffee, tea, juice, water, etc.). The Faculty Club also has a bar inside where you can purchase additional drinks separately. No outside food or beverage will be allowed into the patio area. Please do not expect a full or substantial meal.

Photos: Professional photographers will be taking photos of your graduate down by the ceremony site/stage. Your student will receive photo proofs and ordering information via email. There will be no professional photographer at the patio party. After the ceremony, your student is welcome to meet up with your family at the Faculty Club patio where you can take advantage of some great personal photo opportunities.

Dress Code: There is no official dress code for graduation, though most guests choose to dress on the nicer side for this event. Santa Barbara weather in June can range from sunny and hot to cloudy and cool, so we recommend you dress in layers. Rain can also be a possibility, so prepare accordingly. Be sure to check the forecast before heading to Santa Barbara for graduation weekend.

Hotels: Most hotels in the Goleta and Santa Barbara areas fill up quickly for graduation weekend, so if your family is planning to stay the weekend, make reservations now. You can search for hotels on Google and call hotels to find out about rates and accommodations. Visit as well for dining and restaurant guides.

Pets: Pets are not allowed at commencement, so please do not bring your furry pals with you!

For all other general information on Commencement or for the Commencement schedule, please visit:

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