Fall 2012
Dear UCSB Alumni and Friends,
Susan Sontag wrote, “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” Do you also feel that the more you travel, the more there is to be explored?
Join other UCSB alumni and friends who enjoy exploring and learning about the world on an upcoming Gaucho Getaways in 2013.
Travel not only satisfies our sense of curiosity, but stimulates also the mind, the soul, and the heart, crosses cultural and political borders, and builds friendships near and far. Consider joining us for one of our many 2013 Gaucho Getaways.
Wishing you a beautiful fall,
Suusan Goodale
Susan Goodale, '86
Programs Director, UCSB Alumni Association

Treasures of Southeast AsiaTreasures of Southeast Asia
February 16-March 3, 2013
Discover the most spectacular historic, spiritual and natural wonders of Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. The mosaic of cultures, traditions and beliefs that shape these countries creates the foundation of an unforgettable journey.

Tahitian JewelsTahitian Jewels
April 7-19, 2013
Savor the tropical splendor of emerald-green palms, white sand beaches, and brilliant turquoise waters as you sail to the most stunning destinations in the South Pacific, the gorgeous Polynesian islands. On-board lectures and regional experts complement your optional excursions.

Costa Rica's Natural HeritageCosta Rica's Natural Heritage
Tortuguero National Park Post Trip Extension

April 11-22, 2013
This trip is a gem! Sandy Doerschlag '59, Gaucho Getaways Traveler. Discover a nation’s wealth in four distinct regions, from cloud forest to rain forest - Central Valley to Pacific Coast. As Costa Rica presents its staggering display of bio-diversity – pristine landscapes, unique microclimates, exotic flora and fauna –enjoy an exploration that celebrates Costa Rica’s wide-ranging natural resources.

Waterways of Holland and BelgiumWaterways of Holland and Belgium
April 12-20, 2013

Discover Old World enchantment and modern delights on a cruise along the Dutch and Belgian waterways. A highlight is a visit to the colorful Keukenhof Gardens, alive with millions of vibrant, blooming flowers. Explore the cultural treasures of the Low Countries and be dazzled by the Dutch Master paintings on display at world-class museums.

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An Ultimate Tanzania Safari

November 3-15, 2012
Journey into the heart of Tanzania on this wildlife and cultural safari. Be among a few exclusive travelers each year who visit this 12,000+ acre private reserve, offering opportunities found nowhere else in Tanzania.
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National Parks & Classic Lodges of the Old West July 6-July 15, 2013
This was the best tour I have ever taken! It was all I expected and much more! The guides were over the top! Denia Pearson, Gaucho Getaways Traveler This journey traces the historical paths and natural splendors of the Old West. With your knowledgeable guide and discussions with local experts, see and learn about the storied sights and monuments of the frontier days and be spellbound by four of our most magnificent national parks.
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Travel is expensive; be prepared for the unexpected and ensure you insure your trip so you can enjoy peace of mind while exploring the world.