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The Secret Mission that Discovered
the Titanic

In a Coastlines exclusive interview, Undersea explorer, U.S. Navy officer and UCSB alum Robert Ballard ' 65, reveals how he received a top secret mission for the Navy that used as its cover the search for the Titanic. Ballard will give a talk about "Exploring the New America" on April 27 as All Gaucho Reunion keynote speaker.


Discover UCSB at the 8th All Gaucho Reunion

Welcome back to UCSB this April 24-27, for the All Gaucho Reunion. Rediscover the campus-by-the sea as you listen, find, explore, and learn about the great events and departments showcasing the accomplishments and achievements Gauchos are engaged in and pursuing.


Education Dean Appointed CSULB President • Green Manufacturing Promoted with Gift • New Bioengineering Building Ready to Go and more

Read reader responses to the article "So Close to UCSB,
So Far From Good"


'50s to the Present.

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