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Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, finding a job or facing a career change can be a challenging experience. Professionals say that today people change jobs at least ten times and have several different careers. This is the wave of the future as companies continue to reorganize, downsize, and hire temporary workers.  For most people and for a variety of reasons, working for the same company for 30 years is no longer a viable option.

It’s also important to be assertive about your career, which means spending time understanding and utilizing all the resources available that will help you gain the skills and knowledge you’ll utilize for a lifetime when making your multiple job/career transitions.

The UCSB Alumni Association is committed to providing career assistance to you through our Alumni Career Services program. You are encouraged to participate in these programs and utilize the career information and services available to you.


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September 3, 2014.

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Connect with over 160,000 UC Santa Barbara alumni.

  • How to conduct an informational interview, inclusive of sample questions
  • Critical Networking Tools for Job Seekers
  •  UCSB Alumni Association Linkedin Group (Career/Professional Networking/Mentorship)
  •  Utilizing the Alumni Search Feature at UC Santa Barbara LinkedIn (Career/Professional Networking/Mentorship)
    If you're looking for a job at a specific company, in a particular industry or in a certain location—or are just curious about where your college friends are now working—the LinkedIn Alumni tool makes finding those people easy.
    Navigate to www.linkedin.com/alumni to start. If you are a member of UCSB Alumni Association Linkedin, UC Santa Barbara will automatically be selected.
    At the top of your Alumni page you'll see three subheads: "Where they live," "Where they work," and "What they do." Click the arrow to the right to view additional categories, which include "Where they studied," "What they're skilled at" and "How you are connected."
    All the graphs are interactive: Click any of the blue bars to drill down and refine your search. Clicking "Greater New York City Area," for example, will display the names of alumni living in New York City below the graph, and update the top lists detailing the companies they they work for and the fields in which that specific group of alumni work.

    You can also narrow searches by refining the attendance dates, found at the top.

  • UCSB Alumni Regional Chapters (Social Networking)
  • UCSB Facebook (Social Networking)
  • UCSB Portfolium
    The UCSB Portfolium Network is an interactive, on-line platform that provides you with the opportunity to visually showcase your work, projects, labs, papers, presentations, and skills to employers and hiring managers. Share ideas and feedback with others and find others with whom to collaborate.
  • Use Linkedin to Research Job and Companies

Get Involved In Sharing Your Career with Students and Other Alumni

Are you a working professional who would like to give back to current students or alumni?

Sign up today to be a speaker at an upcoming career panel or to field questions from others about your chosen career.

Explore and Navigate Career Options

Contact a Career Counselor/Career Coach

Need to chat with someone about your career focus, a resume or cover letter review or to receive a critique with regard to your interviewing skills, or speak to someone about grad school options?


Other Online Resources

  • Graduate school resources
  • Linkedin to research graduate school placement in companies
     If you're thinking about pursuing an MBA or other graduate degree, LinkedIn's Alumni tool can help you find a good fit.
    Use the Alumni tool to see which schools place graduates in careers most aligned with your professional goals. Search for a school, select the field of study most relevant to you, and you'll get a top 25 list of companies that have hired graduates from the selected school. You’ll see the graduates whose careers match your goals. To see the career paths they took to their current position, click their names.
    Navigate to www.linkedin.com/alumni to start. Select a college/university of interest.
    At the top of your Alumni page you'll see three subheads: "Where they live," "Where they work," and "What they do." Click the arrow to the right to view additional categories, which include "Where they studied," "What they're skilled at" and "How you are connected."
  • Recommended career-related books
  • Online Career Library
  • Online Career Video Library This link is under construction.

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