Vol. 39, No. 3
Table of Contents
Column: Eye on Isla Vista
By Emily Einolander
  UC Santa Barbara Keeping Focus on Students During Economic Downturn By Rob Kuznia
  Transforming the Alumni Association Web Site into a Gateway By Andrea Huebner '91
  Gear Up for the 2009 All Gaucho Reunion in April
  Alumni Association Awards to Honor Gauchos Giving Back
  UCSB Alumni Association Annual Report 2007-2008
  Editor’s Note:
Defining Success for the New President
  Research Roundup:
Scholar Examines Global Trade of TV Shows
  Around Storke Tower:
News & Notes From the Campus
  Sports Roundup:
’78 and ’79 Cross Country Teams Honored
  Alumni Authors:
Food, Drink and Politics
’50s to the Present
  Julie Ramos ’03 is one of the voices behind KTYD’s The Morning Show in Santa Barbara.

Cover photo by Alexandria Cooper


Annual ReportThe 2007-2008 fiscal year was a year marked by new initiatives and new opportunities for the UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association. The grand opening of the Mosher Alumni House was held in conjunction with the Second Annual All Gaucho Reunion. This fiscal year also marked the closing of the construction account at $12,250,000. With fiscal year-end gifts there is less than $100,000 in outstanding construction loans for the building. A bridge loan from the campus will allow all construction costs to be paid while pledge payments come into the MAH funding account over the next few years.

The Mosher Alumni House has quickly become the center of campus life. Now operating seven days a week, the House hosts an eclectic mix of campus activities, from major international symposiums for academic units, to student study halls during finals week, to social events for varied student groups from ROTC to Hermanos Unidos.

Discussions with various campus groups regarding the improvement and use of the first floor of the Mosher Alumni House continued during the year. Several options remain viable for what is now estimated would be a $3 million improvement.

The All Gaucho Reunion, held April 24-27, 2008, more than doubled the attendance of the prior year. Highlights included the grand opening of the Mosher Alumni House, the dedication Statement of Activities of the Phil Womble Hall of Champions, the ICA Hall of Fame Banquet, the Gaucho Gallop and the Walter Capps Center Vietnam Class Reunion. The event received even wider publicity than in previous years, including a major piece in the Los Angeles Times reporting on the Capps Reunion.

The 2007 summer operation of the Family Vacation Center was the most successful ever. Participation increased, as did operating reserves from the Center. Occupancy at the Summer Inn also increased. Preliminary bookings for the 2008 summer were strong. During the fiscal year the financial and legal operation of the FVC was moved from the Alumni Association to Alumni Affairs. This was done to reduce Association exposure to UBIT liabilities and operating risks.

The challenge of growing paid membership in the Alumni Association continues. Reflecting national patterns, the UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association paid membership barely increased during the fiscal year. The Association launched a new student alumni association in the fall of 2007. While the results were mixed in terms of sustained participation, we began the process of making student engagement a greater priority in the coming fiscal year. A very productive partnership was forged with Student Affairs to launch Senior Week leading up to the All Gaucho Reunion. A new Zero Year Reunion was introduced in June 2008, the night before commencement.