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Helping Students Continue Their Dreams

AASFThe UCSB Alumni Association put the motto “Gauchos Helping Gauchos” to work when it presented $1,000 UCSB Alumni Association Scholarships to 10 deserving students for the first time during the 2009 Fall Quarter.

“The Alumni Association Scholarship helped to fund my education. It has allowed me to take on fewer loans and to worry a little less about money in today’s economy. Being a low-income student, every little bit helps,” said Keri Rushing, who received one of the scholarships.

Rushing, a Sociology senior who will graduate in June, was introduced to UC Santa Barbara through a CADA High Student Leadership Conference held on campus. She graduated from Taft Union High School with a 4.143 GPA, and brought her experiences in student government, athletics and tutoring to Santa Barbara.

History major and scholarship recipient Gabriel Olmeda will be starting his senior year in Fall 2010, just as a major fee hike will kick in. “In light of our recent recession and familial financial hardship, receiving a scholarship helps me so dearly. I understand how hard financing my college is for my parents, especially my father, who recently has been unemployed,” Olmeda said.

While there are several forms of institutional grants available at UC Santa Barbara, the relatively unrestricted nature of the UCSB Alumni Association Scholarship Fund allows greater flexibility in serving the varied and ever changing needs of our students. The requirements for the grants given during the 2009-2010 school year were only that they go to undergraduates with good academic standing who qualified for financial aid.

“The student financial aid population is really shifting and we are seeing large concentrations of students in very low income ranges and very high income ranges with few in between. This really shows that we are almost eliminating middle class families from our campus,” said Mike Miller, acting director of UCSB’s Financial Aid Office.

According to the UCSB Financial Aid Office, more than 2,000 UCSB students who qualified for financial aid received no scholarship help for the 2008-09 school year. With the recent 32 percent increase in tuition costs, it is more important than ever for students and their families to receive institutional grant aid.

“The UCSB Alumni Association Scholarship Fund has the potential to be a powerful advantage in winning this battle for a great student body — a competition this university cannot afford to lose,” said Mark French, director of scholarships and outreach at the Association. “UCSB cannot be a great university without great students.”

The Scholarship Fund, launched in 2009, has a goal of generating a total $3 million in the next three years. Donations help current UCSB students and build an endowment that will help Gaucho students in perpetuity. More than $125,000 overall has been raised in gifts and pledges.

To become a part of Gauchos Giving to Gauchos, please go to and click on the Alumni Scholarship Fund button on the right side for more information and a link to the secure online giving form.

To donate by mail, write a check to the UCSB Foundation and memo it to AASF.
Send to:
Mark French
Director of Scholarships and Outreach
Mosher Alumni House – MC 1120
UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-1120