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Floating Doctors Bring Relief and Hope to Haiti
When Dr. Ben LaBrot '01 embarked upon a 12-month medical relief project with Floating Doctors, the plan was visit 15 countries along Central America to provide free medical services. The plan soon took an unexpected turn when the massive 2010 earthquake devastated Haiti. The crew then sailed 800 miles from their original location to join numerous other relief organizations in attempt to alleviate the destruction that had permeated the country. Read more.

Former Gaucho Dedicates Career to Philanthropy
Alumnus Steven Hilton '74 has sent ripples around the world with his generous spirit and dedication to humanitarian causes. As the President and CEO of the Hilton Foundation, Hilton has supported a diverse array of projects ranging from ending homelessness in Los Angeles to HIV/AIDS prevention in sub-Saharan Africa. Read more.

Direct Relief International Not Giving Up on Haiti
It hard see the progress made in Haiti through the rubble that still covers cities' streets and the thousands of lives that are now being taken by a Cholera outbreak. But upon a closer look, there has been considerable success in terms of new schools, added health care resources, and new employment opportunities. Alumnus Andrew MacCalla '04 is part of the Direct Relief team, one of 12,000 nonprofit organizations in Haiti, bringing hope back to the country one step at time. Read more.

Family Vacation Center Presents New Adult Activities
The Family Vacation Center is introducing a new Adult Activity Series which will provide entertainment for the more mature family members. The new activities include a wine-tasting excursion, a Top Chef competition, and a digital nature photography workshop. Some activities are kid-friendly while others provide child care services, allowing the adults to take a break and enjoy themselves. Read more.

Upcoming All Gaucho Reunion Will Celebrate Years Past
Gather your college friends and reminisce over the years spent at UC Santa Barbara during the All Gaucho Reunion, April 29-May 1. The weekend will packed with reunions, dinners, awards ceremonies, sports games, and much more! Don't miss out on what is guaranteed to be a wonderful and memorable weekend. Read more.

Ecological Diversity Explained by Rock-Paper-Scissors
Researchers from UC Santa Barbara along with a team from the University of Chicago have put forth a new theory attempting to explain the mystery of ecosystems with high biodiversity. One author of the study explains that when you put two species together the stronger, better one will out compete the other. Yet when you put three or more species together in the same ecosystem with multiple resources, the game becomes random and different resources determine the success of each species. According to the researchers, what ensues is essentially a game of rock-paper-scissors. Read more.

University of California Alumni Dedicate Service to the Peace Corps
Approximately 459 University of California students are currently serving in the Peace Corps, 38 of which are UCSB alumni. Motivations to join the organization include everything from the desire to travel to remote, exotic locations to the desire to better humanity. Many returned volunteers attest that their experience in the Corps has given them a deeper appreciation for life a greater understanding of privilege. Read more.



Around Storke Tower: News and Notes from the Campus
Advocates Use UC Day to Shine Light Upon Budget Crisis
In response to the University of California's budget crisis, hundreds of alumni, staff, and students gathered in Sacramento on March 1 for UC Day. The group advocated finding a permanent funding solution that would sustain the quality of the UC system. Reminding Gov. Jerry Brown of the devastating effect pending budgets cuts could have on the university, the group emphasized the important cultural and economic role the UC has contributed to California life.

Green Building Council Recognizes Two UC Santa Barbara Buildings
Two of UC Santa Barbara's buildings have been recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council for their environmentally sustainable designs. The Marine Science Research Building (MSRB) received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold award, and the Tipton Meeting House at the University of California Sedgwick Natural Reserve received the highest sustainability distinction possible, the LEED Platinum certification. The Tipton House has been called one of the nation's "greenest" buildings.

Alumni Authors
Check out the latest publications from these talented alumni authors:
  • Charles G. Irion, '74
  • Jeff Bronow, '88
  • Rick Chesler, '98
  • Jeff Jones '86 and Laurie Hoyle, M.A. '81
  • Julie Shayne, Ph.D. '00
  • Macduff Everton, '81, M.F.A. '84 and Mary Heebner, M.F.A. '78

  • Sports Roundup
    Men's Basketball Team Takes Stunning Big West Championship Win
    On March 12, the fifth-seeded  Gauchos (18-13) beat the No. 1 seed, Long Beach State (22-11), 64-56. It was their fourth consecutive win, the last three of which came at the 2011 ampm Big West Tournament. With its championship win, the UCSB team qualified for the NCAA Tournament for the second straight season.

    Research Roundup
    UC Santa Barbara Scientists Assist in NASA Discovery
    With the help of two UC Santa Barbara scientists, Tim Brown and Avi Shporer, NASA has discovered the first Earth-sized planets in another solar system. In this particular solar system, the planets are orbiting a sun-like star and five of them are considered to be in a habitable zone (a zone where water could exist on the planets' surface).

    Milestones: ‘50s to the Present
    Jaime Maggio, '00, is enjoying a widely successful career as a reporter and sports anchor for CBS-2 in Los Angeles. Her past experience includes being a sideline reporter for Fox NFL and a production manager for Fox Sports Net.


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